Low-code UI for Databricks Lakehouse Unified User Interface Authoring Framework

Databricks Lakehouse User Interface UI Authoring Solution for Data Science and Machine Learning

Authoring Solution

UI can be Authored not Developed, this enables rapid user interface development

Full Featured Data Grid

Powerful filtering, aggregates, pivoting, graphing with full excel export and import support

Unified Data Source

Connect to both Databricks Lakehouse and to any SQL supported data source

Low-Code UI Solutions

Connect to Lakehouse

Create UI on top of Databricks Lakehouse Unity Catalog

Connect to On-Prem Data Sources

Create unified UI for both Lakehouse and SQL databases

Workbooks and Worksheets

Author UX has institutive UI design with workbooks and worksheets

Resource Authoring

Entire solution is based on metadata framework. Ultra-Low Code SQL development based solution

Robust Data Filters

Both data source query filters and browser worksheet filters 

Author UX - Create Low-Code UI on top of Databricks Lakehouse

Rapid User Interface Development

UI can be created in minutes.

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Thin Client Architecture

Author UX architecture include Angular Front-end with Node.Js backend. 

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Full Features Query and Search Capabilities 

SQL Where Clause based on Query filters, plus full features search capabilities within the retrieved dataset

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Full featured Pivot

Full features data pivot option

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Insert/Update/Delete Support 

All DML operations are supported. 

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Excel Export and Import

Tool allows user to export data to excel and do mass import. 

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Users can share private worksheets with others

Worksheets can be shared to other users

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